Season 1, Episode 2: Professor Chris Matthews

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My guest for Blacademia, Season 1, Episode 2 is the incredible PROFESSOR CHRIS MATTHEWS

In this episode I yarn with Professor Matthews about:

  • His journey to becoming a blacademic
  • How he found solace and safety in maths and science
  • Experiencing racism in schooling, and
  • What the difference is between Honours and a PhD (and how/why is a PhD of value to our communities)


Guest Bio

Prof. Matthews  is from the Quandamooka people and is passionate about connecting culture and mathematics to transform mathematics education for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander learners. A husband and Father of four children, Chris has a PhD in applied mathematics and is currently a senior curriculum officer for ACARA, Associate Dean (Indigenous leadership) Science Faculty, University Technology of Sydney and the Chair of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mathematics Alliance (ATSIMA).


You can see/read/learn more about Professor Matthews work via the below links:


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