Season 1, Episode 5: Professor Dennis Roy McDermott

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Please note, since recording our yarn, Professor McDermott has passed away. His voice and image remain on the Blacademia website, social media, and streaming services with the permission of his nearest kin.

My guest for Season 1, Episode 5 is the brilliant PROFESSOR DENNIS ROY MCDERMOTT.

In this episode we yarn up about:

  • Interweaving creativity with hard evidence

  • Psychology and poetry

  • The potency of new media

  • Working out who are your allies and who are gate keepers

  • Being the inaugural Pro Vice Chancellor at La Trobe University



Guest Bio

Professor Dennis McDermott

Professor McDermott is the inaugural Pro Vice-Chancellor (Indigenous) at La Trobe University.  Prior to joining La Trobe, he held the position of Director of Flinders University’s two Poche Centres for Indigenous Health and Well-Being (Adelaide and Northern Territory).  Dennis is a psychologist, academic and poet.  A Koori man, his mother’s family are from Gadigal land (inner Sydney) with connections to Gomeroi country (north-west NSW).

Dennis’ teaching and research interests encompass early childhood, social determinants of Indigenous health, racism, incarceration, policy, equity, Indigenous social, spiritual and emotional well-being, workforce development, Indigenous health pedagogy, and the nexus of culture and context in service delivery.

In 2014 he was awarded a National Senior Teaching Fellowship by the (then) Australian Government’s Office for Learning and Teaching (OLT).


You can learn more about Professor McDermott’s work here, here, and engage with some of his extensive publication list here!

The good Prof is also on Twitter – here.


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