Season 1, Episode 6: Karlie Alinta Noon

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My guest for Season 1, Episode 6 is super-star (pun intended) emerging academic KARLIE ALINTA NOON.

In this episode we yarn up about:

  • The importance of knowing and respecting your own pace in studies and academia

  • Astronomy and astrophysics

  • Being someone who didn’t ‘fit’ the standard Eurocentric schooling model, yet went on to becoming the first Indigenous female to graduate with a double degree in maths!!

  • A very special ABC segment


Guest Bio

Karlie Alinta Noon

Gamilaraay woman Karlie Alinta Noon was the first Indigenous female to graduate with a double degree in maths and physics. She has worked as a science communicator for 8 years and was awarded an Advanced Masters of Astronomy and Astrophysics degree in 2019 from the Australian National University. She was announced one of the 2017 BBC’s 100 Women, a 2019 Emerging Leader in Science Eureka Prize nominee and a 2019 ACT Young Australian of the Year finalist. Karlie is an advocate for Indigenous knowledge systems and has researched the astronomic knowledge deeply embedded within Indigenous culture by considering European and Indigenous accounts of moon haloes. She is currently working on co-writing a book on Indigenous Astronomy with Professor Duane Hamacher and aims to commence a PhD in astronomy in 2020.


Karlie tweets @Karlie_moon_

You can read more about Karlie’s work here, here, aaaand here (that’s right, Karlie has her own Wiki page!)



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